Harmony Prinsloo

Hi, I, Harmony Prinsloo, have been going weekly to the Pregnancy Care Center for four years this coming March, 2018.

Hi, I, Harmony Prinsloo, have been going weekly to the Pregnancy Care Center for four years this coming March, 2018. I started coming to learn how I could better myself as a parent, and to apply what I learn to my daily life. The lessons that I have learned over the years have benefit my husband, Maness, and I greatly. We really enjoy the parenting lessons that are biblically based.

While doing these lessons you can earn coupons acting like paper money. Each coupon can be used to buy new and used items in the store at the Center. You can get anything from diapers, wipes, clothing, furniture, and much more. The store has been a blessing to Maness and me. When we had our daughter, Hadassah, we saved money from not having to buy diapers or wipes due to earning coupons from doing homework, participating, doing bible devotions at home, and by just coming to our appointments.

When you are working on a budget, each month it came in our best interest to use the coupons for things our youngest son and daughter needed. We were able to get toddler mattresses, a rear/front facing car seat, changing table, clothes to suit each season, and much more. We have saved 100s of dollars in baby items over the four year period.
I was attending the Center about a year when my mentor, Christa Will, encouraged me to have my husband come to the Center as well. The Center is not only for women, but for men as well. Maness was seeing one of the male mentors when he first attended the Center. Now that the male mentors have left, Maness and I go together each week seeing Linda Harris.

Over the years I have seen almost all the women mentors that volunteer their time at the Center. There are different mentors for each day in the week. These women pour out into the lives that they see there. Maness and I have built relationships with some of the women we see weekly at the Center.

The mentors are there to encourage you, to hear what’s on your heart, to pray for you, and to give you the best advice that they know how to give. We have received all kids of advice from the different mentors, to apply to our daily lives from parenting advice, to Godly advice, and more. These mentors like Linda Harris are not only mentors, but a friend. Linda is such a blessing to Maness and I, and we appreciate her friendship. They hold us accountable for things we do a d do not do. We appreciate all that take part in the Center to change the lives of so many people, men and women alike, and for that we say, thank you!

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