I became a volunteer at PCC Corner of Hope 11 years ago when I felt the Lord calling me to serve in this ministry. The ministry was just beginning and very much needed in our community. I love working with my brothers and sisters in Christ knowing that each volunteer has a special gift to share with the clients and each other. I’ve watched us grow as a family in my time here.
I really appreciated the benefits of our ministry when a client came in distressed. She was being encouraged to have an abortion because the baby was deformed. We talked one day and the next week she came in and told us that was keeping the baby. When he was born, the only thing wrong was his legs were turned. With the doctor’s help and physical therapy, he is now able to walk.
I love the volunteers here and pray that the Lord keeps this ministry open for a very long time. At 64 years of age, I know that I won’t always be able to serve and I pray that when I must cease, God will send someone else to continue the ministry.

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