Let me take a moment of your time to talk about my “life long secret.” The time in my life that I NEVER talked about and tried desperately not to think about, either.
My name is Ann Kilbourn, I am a retiree. I promised myself and God that I would become a volunteer at PCC Corner of Hope. I completed the training and received my security clearances. And I began volunteering.
I was new as a receptionist, and as I was reading our Policy and Procedures Handbook, I came across the volunteer qualifications list. There it was, boldly stating that if I had had an abortion, I would need to take a specific10 week Bible Study.
I gathered all of my courage and told our Center Director, Susan Roehs, a secret that I had kept for 40 years. She left the room for a short time and, without any judgment on her part, returned telling me that I would be meeting with two women trained to lead, Forgiven and Set Free. I was shocked at the compassion Susan and these women offered me. The next week, so anxious that I asked the women to lock the doors so that no one would see us meeting and figure out why, we began the study.
Over the next ten weeks I dug deeply into my 40 year old secret. I had convinced myself that this was not an important issue in my life, but I learned that it was. I learned to forgive MYSELF and to accept God’s forgiveness, as well. These women were truly sent to me by God. What a journey, what a blessing!
Please, for your own healing, contact PCC Corner of Hope and ask about this Bible Study. Ask for the Center Director, you can be confident that your request will be totally confidential.

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