Your partner just told you she’s pregnant. Whether you’ve been with her for three weeks, three months, or over a year, you can get through this.


What Should You Do?

She caught you off guard with this seemingly impossible news as you stand frozen in front of her. With emotions on the fritz, the hardest thing to do in this moment is push them aside and be by her side. But she needs your support now more than ever.


Admitting this news to you was probably the hardest thing she’s had to do so far. She values your relationship yet may be unsure of where to turn. Let her do the talking as you sit with her. Just your presence is enough at this time.

Never push your fears or frustrations on her. She’s under enough pressure with a life-altering decision ahead of her—a defenseless life is in need of her attention.


Offer to Help

This is a new journey for you, too. When you and your partner approach parenthood together, it can be a beautiful experience. Ways you can make the most of this unexpected pregnancy for you and your partner include:

  • Taking her to doctor’s appointments
  • Contributing to medical bills
  • Taking free and confidential parenting and relationship classes with her*
  • Taking advantage of free and confidential fatherhood classes*
  • Throwing her a baby shower

If you and your partner aren’t ready to take on the responsibilities of new parents and raise a baby, adoption is always an option. Did you know you can choose the family that adopts your baby? This is a great way to make a difference in another couple’s lives. In fact, approximately 1 in 10 couples experience infertility issues.

How Can You Prevent Another Unplanned Pregnancy?

Whether you’re using condoms, the pill, or another method of protection, you may have found that birth control is not 100% effective.

Let your friends at PCC Corner of Hope help you and your girlfriend learn the best way to avoid an unwanted
pregnancy. Our No Regrets program and relationship classes can help you get the most out of your relationship while playing it safe. Talk to us today about starting classes at a time that works best for you and your partner.

*PCC Corner of Hope in Shamokin, PA provides these classes and more
completely free and confidential, so you can put your money towards appointments and supplies to help prepare for when you become new parents.


Are These Relationship Questions on Your Mind?

If any of these questions are swimming around in your mind, reach out to us to talk with experienced individuals who’ve been in your situation. You’re not alone in this.

  • Am I ready for a relationship?
  • How do I know if my boyfriend or girlfriend is “the one”?
  • How is living together different from being married?
  • What’s the secret to a happy, healthy relationship?
  • How can I prevent myself from contracting an STD?