Hi there! My name is Tiffany and I am here to share all our secrets here at the PCC Corner of Hope…well, maybe just a few week to week. What I mean by “our secrets” is that I plan on sharing about why we do what we do here and what we actually do here. Each week I plan on sharing about things that we deal with here on a daily basis. Topics like relationships, pregnancy, parenting, sexual integrity, STDs, etc., but I also plan on sharing about our work and the pro-life movement from time to time. 

So, why a blog when we want people to come in for classes? why put the information out there when we want to see the client face to face? The purpose for this blog is to help those who either just need a quick bit of information to help them through a particular struggle or for those who are currently seeking help, but need a reminder of things they have learned here. This blog is not meant as a substitute for what we share and how we build relationships with our clients, it will hopefully turn out to be a supplement to those already receiving our services. 


If you have seen our brochure at all, new or old, you would notice one item that stayed consistent on our front cover: It’s All About Relationships. That tag line is what we believe in and help our clients through. Whether it is the client/advocate relationship, the romantic relationship in the client’s life, a relationship with their family, or their relationship with God, we want to help them build each and every one. Our mission of ‘offering hope in Christ to those navigating life’s choices in pregnancy, family, and relationships’ can only be fulfilled if we first make and build a relationship with that client. If the client does not feel connected with their advocate, it will be hard for them to trust and open up with what is really going on in their life or to even trust and follow the advice the advocate is sharing with them. 

So often the people we encounter coming through our doors are treated like just another ‘bad egg’ or a ‘drain on society’ by other agencies, but we want them to understand that they are so much more than that. We want them to understand that they matter and are worth having a relationship with us, not just another client to come through our doors and hand stuff to when they “do as we say.” Which, that is actually a great example of why our ‘Earn While You Learn’ program is necessary as well. We want to give people a ‘hand-up,’ not a ‘hand-out’ and by doing that, we try to help them see that they can change and improve their lives, they don’t have to continue the same poverty cycle that they may have grown up in or are in at this point. 


We use the term ‘advocate’ for our volunteers who meet with the clients and walk with them through their classes. We use this term specifically because that is what these volunteers do, they advocate or support/champion our clients. They are here to help them through many different circumstances, and, when they cannot fill a particular gap, we will recommend another service/agency who may be able to help with that area. Many of us, if not all of us, are also activists. I know, I know, that is a scary word, many shudder at the thought, but it is true. The definition of an activist is “a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.” Now, we may not go around with petitions or go to Capitol Hill and be out right political with our beliefs and what we do here, but we work with people to change our society for the better. When you help people help themselves, it makes the community a better place to live because those same people will go out and either recommend others to us or even be the ones to help someone else out in their time of need.