If you found our website, you might have been looking for help with an unplanned pregnancy.  If that is the case, then you have found the right place.  At PCC Corner of Hope, our core purpose has always been to help women who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy.  Many women in this situation worry about whether they are ready to become mothers.  We are here to support you, talk with you and to offer hope for your future.


Scared? Overwhelmed?  We can help.


Many women reading a pregnancy test and seeing a positive result will feel scared and totally overwhelmed.  Many thoughts will run through their heads.  How will I afford a baby right now?  What will my partner say when he finds out he’s going to be a father?  How do I tell him?  Teens reading the results may wonder what their parents will say.  While all of these thoughts are valid and concerning, they aren’t the whole story.  Every woman who finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy has strengths she may know nothing about.  We want to help her discover those strengths.


We welcome each client who walks through our doors.  We take some time to  get to know the young woman or couple and then we talk with her about the options she now has.  Since abortion is an option that she may be considering, we offer her complete information on what happens during an abortion, fetal development, and the physical and emotional risks of abortion.  We explain how making an adoption plan can be beneficial to both her and the baby.  And we also discuss that parenting is hard, but that we offer support throughout the pregnancy and time of parenting.  You don’t have to go it alone.


Advocates offer hope


PCC Corner of Hope is staffed by caring, trained advocates who meet with the client, offering information and comfort.  Each week the advocate will meet with the client to teach about pregnancy, parenting, relationships or life skills.  Through these weekly meetings, the client earns Caring Coupons.  They can then use the coupons to purchase diapers, wipes, clothing and other supplies for themselves or their children.  The advocates help the clients set goals for their future so that they can be good parents.  These advocates volunteer their time each week because they want to invest in their client’s future.


In the past year, we changed our name from Pregnancy Care Center to PCC Corner of Hope Family Resource Center because we increased our services to include families, along with the women we serve.  We have also added diagnostic ultrasound services and STD testing and treatment.  All of our services are free