You have a lot on your plate. Maybe you’re trying to juggle school, two jobs, and a home life. Maybe you’re in an unhealthy relationship. And now, thanks to an unplanned pregnancy, you’re faced with choosing whether adoption is the right path your unborn baby.

But you don’t have to handle the weight of this decision on your own.


But you don’t have to handle the weight of this decision on your own.

We can supply you, your partner, and your family with these services and more:

  • Adoption resources
  • Recommendations of local, reputable adoption agencies
  • A place to meet privately with adoption agency representatives
  • Emotional support post-adoption

You have a support system here. The volunteers and staff at PCC Corner of Hope give you a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and the guidance you’re searching for during this unexpected bump in the road.

Adoption FAQs

Adoption is truly a heroic decision. This option opens new, exciting doors for you and the life you’re growing inside of you. If you want to keep your pregnancy under wraps, there are places you can stay as you carry your baby to term. That way you choose who knows about your situation, and your condition is kept completely confidential.

Choosing adoption is another way of acknowledging that you want what’s best for your baby—you can rest comfortably knowing the adoptive parents you chose are enjoying every waking second with this little bundle of joy for which they’ve been waiting so patiently. Your son or daughter will thrive in a safe, supportive environment and reach his/her full potential as you travel through life pursuing your own goals.

Many adoption services are absolutely FREE for you, as are all services offered by PCC Corner of Hope.

In an open adoption, you as the birth mom are able to stay in touch with the parents who adopt your baby. Forms of communication can include anything from letters and emails to visits with the family. The birthfather and sometimes other biological family members can also be included in an open adoption.

As long as both sides agree, this option also lets the adoptive parents invite you as the biological mother to special events like birthday parties and soccer games as well as major medical events like surgeries.

Back in the day, the only option available was the closed adoption. Though not as common anymore in America, you can still take this route if you believe it’s the best path for both you and your child. You can choose the level of involvement you have with choosing who will adopt your baby. Basic input can include your preferences of the parents’ religion, socioeconomic background, race, and more. Some agencies even have binders of families you can flip through, so you can see potential adoptive parents without having to meet them.

Developing a closed adoption plan can help you regain control of your life and a sense of closure in knowing your baby will go to parents you trust.

Your friends at PCC Corner of Hope can help you find the answers you need to make an informed, educated decision that will benefit you and the life you’re carrying inside of you for the long run.