You Have Options

Life is full of choices, from something as simple as what you’ll eat for breakfast to life-altering decisions like how you’ll handle an unplanned pregnancy. Whether you’re unsure of your options or which path you’ll choose, our compassionate staff and volunteers can offer you a hand to hold as you walk through this new experience.


PCC Corner of Hope Family Resource Center now offers STD testing and information on how at risk you are of contracting an incurable disease. We want to help you stay safe and healthy.
It’s easy to overlook early symptoms of pregnancy, which can include everything from mood swings and nausea (with or without vomiting) to sensitive or sore breasts. If you’re not sure whether you’re pregnant, we can help! PCC Corner of Hope offers free self-administered pregnancy tests so you’re not left in the dark, clutching that little box in line at the convenience store, glancing over your shoulder and praying no one recognizes you. We now also offer ultrasounds to verify pregnancy within your first trimester.
You’re struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, questions racing through your mind. At Pregnancy Care Center of Shamokin, we’re on your side. We give you a shoulder to lean on, and our Earn While You Learn program will help you decide the right move for you. The program also gives you opportunities to earn supplies like maternity and baby clothes, diapers, and more. We also offer parenting education counseling services.
The thought has crossed your mind. Maybe you’re even dwelling on the idea. But if you feel like you’re not ready to raise a baby, we want you to know there are other options. Abortions come with negative physical and emotional effects that can last a lifetime. They can lead to pregnancy complications later in life, depression, and more. If you’ve already had an abortion and are experiencing any of these life-altering effects, we offer post-abortion counseling as well.
We understand the stress an unplanned pregnancy can place on a relationship. That’s why at PCC Corner of Hope, we offer relationship counseling.
Stick around. Think you’re not ready to be a dad? Imagine how your partner feels. She needs your support now more than ever, even if she denies it. We offer relationship counseling and parenting education counseling to help you and your partner through this tough time.

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